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Order your material handling equipment from a reliable supplier with years of experience

When it comes to material handling equipment and finding the right supplier for it, there are just a few suppliers who undertake the whole process. J-Tec Material Handling is one of those rare players. They provide leading players in the chemical and food industries with automated material handling equipment, system and several process engineering solutions as a professional supplier. They deliver complete turnkey material handling solutions, equipment and technologies to leading companies all over the world. Therefore, they are your perfect process partner for handling solids and liquids.

Years of experience in supplying several industries

J-Tec has been active as a supplier of material handling equipment, technologies and process engineering solutions for over 50 years. They are able to design, supply, build and maintain your processing systems for powders, pellets and liquids. Because of the many decades of experience and international expertise, it makes them an established partner for customers in food and chemical industries around the globe. Do you want to strengthen your market position with high-value and tailor-made engineering solutions? Choose J-Tec as your material handling equipment supplier and you will get the job done. They focus on niche markets, in order to get close to their customers and to serve them optimally. Their customers are from different kinds of industries they represent, for example:

  • Food
  • Chemicals
  • PVC Processing
  • Infant Nutrition
  • Food Ingredients
  • Plastic Compounding
  • Snacks and Baked Food

Get in touch with them to find the right equipment

J-Tec is your partner to find the right engineering solutions for your application. Their many decades of experience and international expertise make them an established partner for businesses in several industries around the globe. Find out how we this specialist meet your requirements by getting in touch with them. From the conceptual design, detailed engineering, procurement and manufacturing of your material handling equipment, you can count on this supplier.