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Solids Solutions powder and particle research

Are you looking for someone who researches (nano)particles and powders and can advise you in this area? Solids Solutions deals with particle and powder technology. Our laboratory in Delft has all the necessary instruments to determine the properties of different types of particles. This information is particularly useful when you are developing products in which particles are processed to improve the product. If you get stuck in the process, you can call in Solids Solutions. We identify where the problem lies and what an appropriate solution might be.

Sedimentation nanoparticles

There are several ways to investigate the properties of nanoparticles. One method we employ at Solids Solutions is sedimentation nanoparticles. This involves adding particles to a liquid so that the sedimentation rate can be measured. This velocity provides information about the size of the particles. The sedimentation method uses X-rays so that the sedimentation rate of the particles can be recorded in time intervals. In this way, efficiency can be achieved.

Dynamic light scattering

In the case of powders, we often use dynamic light scattering. In this method, the powder particles are scattered in a specific medium. A scattering pattern is then created and can be observed by shining a laser beam on the particles. The scattering pattern provides information about the size of the powder particles.

Courses and knowledge centre

You can come to Solids Solutions not only for advice and consultancy. We also regularly organise events in the field of particle and powder technology. We also offer courses and seminars and have a knowledge centre. Here you can download various research publications and other documents to read for yourself. For more information, please visit our website or contact us.